Remember the Children

Just last night, as my family was finishing our dinner of reheated leftovers, I was zoned out with my elbow propped on the table, picking at at a bug bite on my arm (gross habit, I know). I looked over at my 18 month old, and he too had his arms folded and was staring intently at his forearm. Cross-eyed. Mimicking his mama. 

This type of thing happens often. My little one copies some nominal, thoughtless task. He’s trying to put keys in a lock. I never taught him that. He’s nodding his head to the beat of a song. Pretty sure his daddy isn’t giving “head-banging” lessons. He’s smacking his lips as I’m chewing gum. 

The little ones are watching us. Their minds are amazing, aren’t they? They are learning. They are mimicking our actions. 

What are they learning from us when our world is in shambles? Are they learning to fold with the world around them? Or are they learning to hold steady. To grow from their mistakes. To love in abundance. 

I promise you they are learning something. They are biologically ingrained to do that. 

As you proceed to process and act on the emotions of the virus, the lockdowns, the injustice, the civil unrest, and the ever-changing environment of living life as an adult, I urge you to remember the children. 

You don’t have to sit them down and explain or lecture, though that may be a good thing to do. You should however, act carefully. You should pause and reflect on what adjustments you can make. You should seek truth in the chaos.

Because the children are watching. They are learning. They are mimicking.

Are you geeking out on your phone for updates and news?(guilty) Or are you growing in knowledge with a book in hand. 

Are you choosing a media-driven side? Or are you seeking out ways your community needs an un-biased you. 

Are you overcome with fear? Or are you remembering the world has been this bad before—worse even—and that there is hope. 

Are you praying? Are you clinging to good? Are you loving others? 

Because the children are watching. They are learning. They are mimicking.

Be careful little ears what you hear. Be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little hands what you do. 

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